District Table & Bar

Farm to Table

District Table and Bar is the first and only restaurant in Martin County to be granted Snail of Approval Award from Slow Food of Gold and Treasure Coast. It’s always a pleasure working with people who share the same passion for cooking and eating locally.


KAI-KAI FARM, Stuart, Florida

“Using organic inputs KAI KAI FARM grows specialty vegetables and strawberries which discerning chefs and health-conscious customers want and are willing to pay a fair price for, enabling sustainability and innovation in small scale multi-crop production. The 40-acre vegetable and strawberry farm founded in 2003 is located 9 miles west of I-95 on Kanner Highway between Indiantown and Stuart.”



PARADISE FARMS, Homestead, Florida

In 1999 Gabriele Marewski purchased an abandoned five-acre avocado grove next door to her home, filled with a dream and the drive, and founded Paradise Farms. Respecting the principles of sacred geometry and the ancient art of Feng Sui, the layout of the farm is centered on a circle of beds and a gazebo. Paradise Farms Organic incorporates Biodynamic principles, which, among other things, encourages an intimate relationship with the land based on the energies of the earth, sun, moon and cosmos. The farm recognizes and values the vibration in everything from the atom, to the plants, insects, animals, and people. The farm design supports its intention to work with nature’s energy. Paradise Farms is certified organic by Quality Certification Services from Gainesville. The product line includes micro greens, herbs, many edible flowers, a popular baby greens mix, heirloom tomatoes, assorted basil tops and mint tops, baby root vegetables, honey and a variety of tropical fruits including carambola, jackfruit, monstera, mango, avocado, cotton candy fruit and bananas. Paradise Farms sells exclusively to the best chefs at high-end restaurants in the Miami area.



Oceana Coffee, Tequesta, Florida

Oceana Coffee is an Artisan Coffee Roastery that brings the highest quality, freshly roasted coffee to the discerning coffee drinkers of the world. What started out as a search for a good cup of coffee, has become an obsession, an addiction and above all our Passion to share our love of coffee. Each coffee origin is skilfully roasted to capture the unique attributes of each bean, whether it’s the chocolate dipped fruit flavours of Ethiopia or the caramel hazelnuts of our Panama’s. We roast all of our coffee to order, so there are NO stock piles and the coffee is the freshest available anywhere.



Lake Meadow Naturals

Lake Meadow Naturals is a local egg farm producing fabulous chicken and duck eggs from happy hens. Our chicken eggs have a lovely brown shell that’s good for boiling as they retain their farm freshness. Our duck eggs are produced form happy Khaki Campbell and Peking ducks basking on Lake Meadow Farms, right here in Central Florida. All have a delicious yolk that will take you back to a more traditional era. Try them deep-fried with an asparagus salad, poached and garnished with some freshly cracked peppercorns, or baked for a delicious and nutritious dinner. Their divinely rich flavor is great for mayonnaise, cakes and custards.